About Clarity

Clarity is deeply inspired by music and puts the heart and soul of our favorite songs into the candles we make to give our customers a creative, and fully immersive experience.

We believe the meaning of life is all about the journey, not the final destination. Life should be lived with intention and that having fun should be mandatory.


Our promise

Clarity strives to surprise and delight all of our amazing customers with unique, unexpected, and inspirational ideas for your home.

We promise to use the best, highest quality, and all-natural ingredients to help you continue making healthy choices so you can create the best versions of yourself.


How we make our candles


We use all natural ingredients

We use premium grade fragrance and essential oils to uniquely develop scents. Small batch poured candles are key for us to produce consistent fragranced candles. We believe in non-toxic, GMO-free, and eco- friendly candles for great quality burning.


We use natural coconut wax instead of soy

Our all natural coconut wax burns slowly, cleanly, and holds our custom blended fragrances very well. From our coconut wax, to the natural lead free cotton wicks that we use to give consistent flames and even burns, we believe in great quality for our customers.


We hand pour every candle in Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee is our home and we take pride in our city! What better way to add to our growing culture and atmosphere than to make hand poured candles that strive to feed your soul.



Meet Nicole

As a Nashville, Tennessee native and dweller, Nicole is excited to bring fresh and new things to her city. She is a free spirited and creative soul that truly is on a mission to find her clarity and help others to do the same. She loves to explore, give back, and live life with a happy heart. "A clear vision helps to guide your focus, which will open up your path to clarity". Let’s find and keep our Clarity!